Very Excited about this week’s podcast with Heleen Kuiper. Heleen is co-founder of Core Change, and helps companies with organizational change using the four quadrants of Ken Weber’s integral theory. Listen to her explain the model, and give a whole lot of examples of companies she’s helped and the interventions she’s used. This podcast episode surely is packed with interesting insight. Check out the model below and find Heleen Kuiper at

corechange holaspirit

In this podcast we will talk about the future of work, we will invite pioneering companies, bold entrepreneurs, avid experts and practitioners, who all have an interesting story to share. We want to learn about their lessons, and their best practices, but also about their fuckups and struggles. It’s all here, so we’re happy you found us! Let us know what you think of this week’s podcast and what topics you would like to hear about next and enjoy listening to this week's episode.

This podcast is initiated by Luc Bretones and brought to you by HolaSpirit. Our podcast host is Anne Nynke Jansma - she is experienced Holacracy facilitator, GTD trainer, Sociocracy3.0 practitioner and helps companies create an environment where happy and productive teams can thrive. Find her at

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We hope to see you there!